Stateset Cloud provides a REST and GraphQL API.

Key features of the Stateset Cloud Platform include:

  • Automatic Deployment: The platform allows for seamless and rapid deployment of serverless APIs. It intelligently automates the underlying infrastructure setup, ensuring that APIs are scaled according to demand, while minimizing resource utilization.
  • Integrated Authentication: With the Stateset Cloud Platform, APIs can be easily integrated with the core Stateset Platform’s authentication system. This ensures that access to the APIs is secure and consistent with the company’s existing authentication mechanisms, providing an extra layer of control and security.
  • Scalability: The platform is designed to support scalable deployment of APIs, making it easier for businesses to handle increased demand and varying loads. By automatically scaling the infrastructure, the platform ensures optimal performance and availability regardless of API usage.
  • Seamless Integration: The Stateset Cloud Platform is built to allow seamless integration with existing developer workflows and tools. Companies can continue to use their preferred development frameworks and toolchains while taking advantage of the benefits of serverless architecture.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By adopting a serverless infrastructure, businesses can see reduced investment costs related to managing and maintaining servers. Instead, the platform allows companies to pay only for the resources they consume, providing a flexible and efficient cost model.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: The platform offers comprehensive monitoring and analytics tools that enable businesses to track API performance, usage, and other critical metrics. These insights can then be used to optimize the APIs and make strategic decisions to meet evolving business needs.

By utilizing the Stateset Cloud Platform, companies can not only manage and deploy serverless APIs with ease but also enjoy increased efficiency, security, and scalability. This empowers businesses to focus on innovation and growth, while the platform takes care of the complexities associated with infrastructure management and deployment.The Stateset Cloud Platform is a revolutionary solution that empowers businesses by simplifying the process of managing and deploying their own serverless APIs. This innovative platform allows companies to focus on developing their core business functionalities without worrying about the complexities of infrastructure management. By supporting automatic deployment and management of serverless APIs, the Stateset Cloud Platform streamlines the entire process for businesses. Companies no longer need to deal with tedious server provisioning, scaling, or maintenance tasks, as the platform efficiently takes care of these crucial aspects. One of the powerful features the Stateset Cloud Platform offers is seamless integration with the core Stateset Platform. This tight integration means that APIs deployed using the Stateset Cloud Platform can make use of the same authentication mechanism as the core platform. This ensures a consistent and secure experience across all services within the Stateset ecosystem.

Key benefits of the Stateset Cloud Platform include:

  • Cost Efficiency: By only running when called upon, serverless functions offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional server-based applications. Companies pay only for the compute resources they consume, rather than investing in and maintaining expensive server infrastructure.
  • Scalability: The platform automatically scales according to the demand of the deployed APIs, ensuring optimal performance at all times. This enables companies to scale their applications effortlessly and accommodate both predictable and unpredictable workloads.
  • Improved Security: The integrated authentication system ensures secure access to deployed APIs, protecting sensitive data and maintaining compliance with industry regulations.
  • Faster Time to Market: The streamlined deployment and management process encourages rapid development and deployment of APIs, allowing companies to bring their products and services to market more quickly than ever before.
  • Simplified Development Process: The Stateset Cloud Platform abstracts away concerns around infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on writing code for business logic rather than managing servers.

In conclusion, the Stateset Cloud Platform is an invaluable solution for companies looking to deploy serverless APIs with ease and efficiency. By providing automatic deployment and management, seamless integration with existing Stateset services, and a host of other benefits, this platform makes it easier than ever to unlock the full potential of serverless technology. To get started, please reach out to, subject: “Stateset Cloud Platform”