Stateset Commerce Network Overview

Stateset Commerce Network

A purely peer-to-peer network for computational contracts and real-time transactions with low fees, instant finality and minimal trust between nodes would allow for the creation of a globally distributed open commerce platform. We present the Stateset Commerce Network, a permissionless, sovereign blockchain network, and describe in detail how it achieves the goal of a state-of-the-art, collaborative financial system for global commerce.

Stateset Commerce Network

Commerce on the Interchain

The Stateset Commerce Network is a set of state-machines designed to facilitate real-time commerce orders, transactions and financing. As an open and interoperable platform, it paves the way for next-generation commerce solutions by seamlessly integrating with other networks within the wider Interchain ecosystem. This innovative approach fosters a more connected and dynamic environment for conducting business, ultimately leading to a more vibrant and adaptive global commerce landscape.

Global Computational Commerce

The Stateset Commerce Network aims to revolutionize global commerce by providing a secure, efficient, and decentralized open state for real-time orders, transactions and financing.

Scalability and Interoperability

Leveraging the Cosmos-SDK, Comet BFT, and the IBC protocol, Stateset Commerce Network is built to support a highly scalable and interoperable commerce ecosystem, connecting different blockchains within the Cosmos network for seamless cross-chain interactions.

CosmWasm Smart Contracts

The Stateset Commerce Network supports the development, deployment, and execution of smart contracts through the CosmWasm engine, enabling versatile, secure, and customizable logic for various use cases and applications.

Asset-Based Financing

Through the Stateset Commerce Network, users can collateralize their assets for loans and access Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Financing to support procurement and business growth.

Real-time Transaction Finality

Stateset processes orders and transactions quickly with low fees, ensuring efficient execution and instant finality for users.

DID Decentralized Identifiers

Stateset leverages DID technology for creating legally binding electronic purchase orders and invoices, ensuring security and authenticity in business transactions.

On-chain Governance

By implementing the Cosmos-SDK gov module, Stateset fosters a transparent, democratic, and decentralized governance system, empowering the community to lead the commerce network evolution and future development.

Who is Stateset Commerce Network for?

  1. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) merchants: With an emphasis on agility and growth, Stateset Commerce Network is ideal for merchants looking to build on next-generation commerce infrastructure.
  2. Warehouses and suppliers: Stateset Commerce Network can help warehouses and suppliers manage their fulfillment operations, improving collaboration with DTC merchants and enabling easier, faster execution of global commerce.
  3. Developers and technical partners: Agencies and developers who work with DTC merchants, warehouses, and suppliers can take advantage of Stateset Commerce Networks modern and interoperable platform, ensuring they can develop and integrate with the system effectively.

Stateset Commerce Network Value Proposition:

  • Global Commerce Platform for Orders and Transactions
  • Asset-Based Financing for Merchant Cash Advance and Inventory Financing
  • DID Decentralized Identifiers for Lending against Electronic Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Real-time Transaction Finality and Interoperability
  • CosmWasm Smart Contracts for Customizable Logic