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Stateset One

Stateset One is the autonomous commerce operating system for direct-to-consumer businesses, warehouses, suppliers, and their developer partners.

Stateset One serves as a comprehensive and unified solution for streamlining various aspects of commerce, logistics, and finance. Stateset provides CRUD operations on all objects via GraphQL Mutations, Queries, and Subscriptions. The Stateset platform is available in English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Dutch, and Romanian.

Who is Stateset One for?

  1. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) merchants: With an emphasis on agility and growth, Stateset is ideal for DTC businesses looking to streamline their finance and operations.
  2. Warehouses and suppliers: Stateset can help warehouses and suppliers manage their financial and operational workflows more efficiently, improving collaboration with DTC merchants and enabling easier, faster execution of tasks.
  3. Developers and technical partners: Agencies and developers who work with DTC merchants, warehouses, and suppliers can take advantage of Stateset’s modern and interoperable platform, ensuring they can develop and integrate with the system effectively.

Stateset Home & Onboarding

Stateset Dashboard

Examples Problems that Stateset One Solves:

  • Manual Entry Across Apps:
    • Problem: A merchant has to use different apps to manage orders, shipping, and returns, and manually update the status of each order in each app.
    • Solution: Stateset provides a centralized platform that automates reverse-logistics and refunds, eliminating the need for manual inputs and reducing errors.
    • Value: Stateset’s platform saves merchants time and money by automating manual processes and reducing the risk of human error.
    • Benefit: Merchants can focus on growing their business instead of spending time on repetitive tasks.

Stateset One Features:

  • 3 Factor App Architecture with Durable Execution OS
  • Single Point GraphQL API Remote Data Join across multiple data sources
  • Event Triggers and Webhooks from Stateset
  • Realtime Global Search for Customer Service and Warehouses Operators.
  • Data Validation and Synchronization
  • Workflow Orchestration, Execution and Automation with Temporal
  • Event-driven Automation across different applications
  • Automated Label Printing
  • Automated Refund Processing
  • Test QA paths for all Serverless Functions

Stateset One Value Proposition:

  1. Modern, agile technology: Stateset offers a finance and operations platform built on next-generation web development frameworks and distributed consensus protocols, eliminating the need for legacy, siloed systems.
  2. Streamlined workflows: By automating and analyzing intercompany workflows, Stateset significantly reduces the time it takes for merchants, suppliers, and agencies to collaborate and execute on their processes.
  3. Scalability and adaptability: Stateset’s technology stack enables direct-to-consumer businesses to grow faster and scale without accumulating detrimental technical debt.
  4. Developer-friendly: The platform is specifically designed for integration with developer partners, promoting seamless collaboration and interconnected systems.
  5. Robust and reliable infrastructure: Stateset’s platform is built on proven technologies and cloud services, which ensure reliability, security, and flexibility for customers.