ReSponse AI

What is the ReSponse app?

ReSponse App, is specifically designed for Shopify and Gorgias merchants to autonomously respond to customer service tickets.

How it works?

  1. Interprets the question / comment / request from the customer
  2. Generates the correct response based on your company knowledge base, FAQs & APIs
  3. Automatically writes back to the customer with the correct answer in real-time

How to use the ReSponse app?


Sign in

Sign in on the ReSponse app at


Create an Organization

Create an Organization and make sure your organization is set in the bottom left hand corner.


Start a New Chat

Start a new chat by clicking on the chat icon in the top left corner.

ReSponse Home

ReSponse Commands

Use these commands to build your RAG AI Agent
  • /add : the ‘/add’ command will add data to the knowledge base
  • /update : the ‘/update’ command will update data in the knowledge base
  • /answer : the ‘/answer’ command will answer based on data added to the knowledge base

Once you have added data from your FAQ website you can start to test it using /answer

ReSponse and Gorgias

ReSponse automatically integrates with Gorgias tickets, alleviating the manual effort required for customer service representatives. Gorgias, a popular helpdesk platform tailored for e-commerce stores, offers seamless multichannel customer support from a single interface. By employing Stateset ReSponse, businesses can effortlessly improve response times and overall customer satisfaction. To start using Stateset ReSponse, users simply need to visit and follow the straightforward installation steps.

StateSet ReSponse Gorgias App

How to connect ReSponse to Gorgias?


Install the App

Install the ReSponse app from the Gorgias App Store


Second Step

Create a user for


Create a HTTP integration in Gorgias

Reach out to our team for your endpoint at Send the Entire Message Body and Set the Trigger to: ‘Ticket message created’