Creating an Attribute

Use attributes to customize the personality of your agents

To create a attribute, navigate to the attributes section of the ReSponse CX dashboard and click the Add New attribute button.

This will create a new attribute with the following fields, for example:

  • agent: ReSponse
  • type: System Attribute
  • name: Confident
  • description - We assert the superiority of our product based on its unique properties and its research support. This authoritative stance is balanced with an approachable and informative manner.
  • value: 17

Click Add Attribute to create the attribute.


Updating an Attribute

To update an attribute, click on the Update button in the attribute row in the attributes section of the ReSponse CX dashboard.

This will open the attribute editor, where you can update the name, description or delete the attribute.

Attributes Overview

Once your attributes have been created, ReSponse will load these into the Agent context.

These will be initialized as when processing requests from the customer.

For more information on how to use the attributes, please reach out at