How to use the Search on StateSet One?

Global Search is available across the Stateset One Platform and across 3PL instances. Customer Service Agents, Warehouse Operators and other users can search for specific records by serial number, order id, ticket id and other configurable fields to specific records in stateset.


Create Index

Create an index in the StateSet app


Save a Record

Save a record in the StateSet app


Update a Record

Update a record in the StateSet app

Search Hits


const ReturnHits = ({ hits }) => (

  <ul class="list-none">
    { => (

      <li key={hit.objectID}>
        <div className="rounded-lg px-3 py-3 hover:bg-gray-100 relative focus-within:ring-2 focus-within:ring-blue-500 z-50">
          <h3 className="text-base font-semibold text-gray-800">
            <a className="hover:underline focus:outline-none">
              <Link href='/crm/return/[id]' as={`/crm/return/${hit.objectID}`}>{hit.rma}</Link>
          <p className="mb-3 mt-1 text-base text-gray-600 line-clamp-2">{hit.rma} - Serial Number: {hit.serial_number} - Status: {hit.status} - Order Id: {hit.order_id}</p>